Segway – FAQ

⊕ Is riding the Segways safe?

Segway’s exclusive feature is self-balancing. Travelers complete control of the tool that allows him to control the pace of travel and steering. These benefits of the tool over the other two-wheeled tools.

⊕ Are we training before the trip?

The guide dedicates 15 minutes of training and experience before embarking on track. Until all participants were short for a test drive and confirm they feel safe and proficient operations and full control we do not get into.

⊕ Which speed reaches a Segway?

Up to speeds of 20 miles per hour. But Israel’s laws allow the Segway move only at a maximum speed of 13.5 mph. While the tour itself pace of progress is determined by the rate of participants.

Do you have the proper equipment to tour?

Definitely. We provide a helmet and kneepads.

What kind of shoes to wear for the trip on a Segway?

Each activity area is recommended to leave closed shoes. In principle you can ride all you comfortable shoes.

Is there an insurance cover during the ride?

Of course. We provide full insurance for all tour participants.

What amount of people who can participate in one tour?

Up to 4 participants.

Is it possible to participate at any age?

The minimum age for participation Segway is 16 years.