Carob Trail


מידע על המסלול:      

Start and finish: at the gas station of Sde Boker / entrance to Kibbutz Mashabei Sade

 – Carob trail marked bicycle path connecting two different surface cells: Sde Boker basin and basin resources.
– Most of the trail on the dirt roads, and there are several kilometers of singles leading from the ridge morning stream Hyman, track, unlike earlier made the region is not circular, but can ride it in both directions, and is designed to allow riders to locals and those coming from outside connect the itineraries of Sde Boker with those of basin resources and Golda Park and actually prolong their days riding in about 50-60 km.
– The route is marked with signs revolving funds, but this time they were made from recycled plastic material manufactured here in Ramat Hovav, and etched by experts in the north. Each page contains thousands signage recycled corks.
– As recommended: Track Field resources is on the rise. Highs lovers will probably prefer this direction. Riders who prefer an easier ride, will start at Sde Boker.
The route passes several impressive vantage points in the area:

 – A vantage point that is above the natural reserve of crocuses ridge morning.
– River Hyman – impressive creek behind the grouping dew.
– An ancient well which is still used by a stream Heymann.
– Carob tree that gave the track its name – an ancient carob tree it is very close to Highway 40, and you can even see it from the road. Do not miss the spectacular sight.