Activities Cycling

You can choose biking trails and a variety of difficulty levels, different track lengths and varying landscapes. We provide the complete equipment instead of riding professionally and safely and complete training. Consult us for recommendations on bike routes, we will match you with directions, depending on the level of riding, riders aged and exact requirements, and we will give you different advice and tips for safe and enjoyable ride.

We can also adjust routes veteran cyclists, who must have appreciated our vast experience and know enjoy it. Even if you are new to the area – which you can experience a new experience enjoyable.

Please feel free to reach us, whether you hire us or you arrive with your bike. Our bike rental are sample SPECIALIZED provide riding experience safe and enjoyable.

Cyclist road: wide roads are quiet-zone suitable for intensive training rides, horseback touring, and more. (Eg road leading from junction currents of acute mountain Training Base 1, along which magnificent views of the highest mountain of the Negev. In the early morning you can predict where wildlife often different.

Cyclist area: a variety of fun and challenging tracks such as Israel bicycle trail segment departing from the Ramon Crater, and new routes west of Mitzpe Ramon.