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Taking a trip with the family routine is out with a unique environment, nature and beautiful landscapes, and fun activities together. Children cycling is especially popular sport, so this activity is suitable for families.

B”giaofn “we will match you with a trip, depending on the age of the children and your riding level, so that everyone in the family will benefit from it, even when the age spectrum is broad family. Before departure will make sure to give you full training and will match you with all the necessary equipment, so the trip will not only enjoyable but also comfortable and safe. We have equipment suitable for all ages, with varying degrees bicycles, baby seats and trailers ADAM quality of the company’s.

Tracks families we offer diverse and variable, in terms of time, the length and complexity, and our supply is also suitable for more experienced families and beginners.

Biking trails of Giaofn they exercise that can and should be combined with a picnic, relaxing and looking around. Equestrian center of Giaofn will present all the necessary equipment to ride experiential Negev.

So get out of the house and let us enjoy the experience an unforgettable wild ride!