Geofun – Desert Riding Center

“Geofun” Travel is an activity center that provides one-stop professional equipment for camping and cycling, rental or purchase, tutorials on the subject of cycling and hiking trails in the Negev, and information and advice regarding these areas.

Our goal is to instill the love of the tour by bike, because we believe that the activity is a means to an athlete’s quality of life and increase the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Combining a love of nature and familiarity with him, while riding a bike, they experienced tools, expanding the mind, and the answer lies in her life where the potential to make everyone healthier heart and soul, and thus a more peaceful and happy.

But all this even stronger when it comes to trips in the Negev Center. Heart of the Negev desert tourism is characterized by a meeting with the region in a unique natural phenomenon, the phenomenon of craters created when millions of years, and the encounter with the world of unique flora and fauna that developed around them. Apart from the marks of nature describes the landscape, the region is also abundant traces left by the Nabateans passed by here for centuries, whose remains can meet the real and the facts. Alongside these, from the desert landscape, stand out in stunning views of the oasis, originating from springs, such as eye-tracking or eye experiencing. And this is only a glimpse of everything the area has to offer Negev, we are happy to describe to you at length and in detail when you contact us.

Giaofn equestrian center we will put together a fun experience for everyone and complete, which is an aggregate of all these elements, biking area, suitable for families, with a wide age range or individuals, professionals or amateurs – Bgiaofn custom advocate that meets the need and ability.

We must point out that we are prioritizing your safety and the professionalism of the equipment, we offer a concept of One Stop Shops Bike, ie, bike for everyone, every budget, every purpose – all under one roof. Bgiaofn can buy or rent equipment, and we undertake that it will meet the high standards in every price level. Here you will find not only cycling equipment, but also equipment for hiking, camping and space, at great prices and accompanied by professional consulting services.

So contact us and we’ll get you an unforgettable adventure.

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Telephone: 08-6553350

Fax: 08-6553255

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Mon-Thu 09: 00-18: 00 (Sunday closed shop)

Fri 08: 30-14: 00

Saturday, by appointment only bike rental purposes only

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