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Center “Geofun” invites you to know the Ramon Crater, the largest crater, with an exceptional experience on the ground Segway tours. People from all over the country and the world have already experienced the unforgettable desert experience that combines dynamic and unique attraction, a professional tour guide will explain natural phenomena behind the spectacular views of the crater.

What is a Segway?

Segway (segway) is an electric scooter that can travel at the maximum speed of 20 mph and a mass 30 kg. It is powered by a rechargeable battery.
Flyer tablet is connected to two wheels and a rod-like handlebar of a bicycle. Control the direction of movement is acquired through tilting the handlebar (left and right) and speed is affected by body bias (forward and backward acceleration down or reverse).
Segway works in harmony with your body and that is what makes this trip especially enjoyable when you can relax and watch the scenery with a leisurely cruise on the vessel.
There are different models, the model that we use is 2X – Segway model space, a particularly chunky wheels and space travel safe.

Description itinerary:

Cycling route passes the sculpture garden, a length of one and a half kilometers, near the edge of the Ramon Crater. Ramon Crater is a unique phenomenon that has no parallel in any event, is taking place for the past 200 million years, and landscapes Stop breathing and one double, who flock to watch from all over the world.

Sculpture Garden

The sculpture garden sculpture made of two layers of desert. The first layer is the earlier sculpture that integrates environment. This sculpture stone sculptures illuminate and highlight the landscape from a unique perspective. The second layer is sounds sculptures, wind chimes producers made sounds, like “drums swing” seats were filled with stone chairs rustling, or “Avenue of wind chimes.” This creates the experience of an active ingredient to the senses of observation and listening. And any other ride is an experience that changes according to the intensity and extent of the wind and the changing landscape influenced by weather and natural movement.

Meeting with flora and fauna

Experience observation is not limited to the spectacular landscape of the crater, consisting of mountains and wonderful colors derived from mineral mortar produces. Otherwise, the crater rich in flora and fauna we meet while riding as various birds of prey soaring on the wind, with the wing span wonderful. And the herds of ibex climbing on the cliffs of the crater and wander peacefully among humans. And, at certain periods a year, golden jackal, gray wolf, striped hyena, common fox, fox Negev, Dorcas Gazelle, and, if we look carefully, we notice that we are surrounded by lizards and a certain type of partridge that resides permanently on the slopes of hills and mountains and blended in with the colors .

Breathtaking views

During the training we will stop at observation points on the magnificent crater, and no one will take place a meeting of the human spirit with nature, as in this cramped meditation “half arch built right on the edge of the crater rim overlooking the landscaped areas of 100 million people a year, or ship of the desert ‘Circle centered on the eight-page metal sail, and at the top of each open-mouthed fish that produces wind sounds.


Limited riding age 16 and over and weight 45-118 pounds only

Pregnant women should not ride

Suitable for singles, couples and groups. Riding with protective equipment: helmet and kneepads.

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