Bike rental for self-guided riding

The scenery, the atmosphere, the peace and the quiet. A unique cycling experience.

Sde boker is full of cycling trails suitable for everyone.

Our bicycles:

*mountain bikes, hard- tail by SPECIALIZED- PITCH model. Chassis size: xs-xl.

*children’s bicycles HARO or SPECIALIZED. Gears and brakes on the handlebar.

*baby chairs from sitting age up to 20kg.

*bicycle trailers for children- attaches to the adult bicycle.

Classic family route: Sde Zin- exit point- Midreshet Ben Gurion- open for all

Route link:

Length: 7km

Difficulty level: easy.

Duration: up to 2 hours.

The perfect route for families wanting to experience off-road cycling.

Sde zin is located above zin valley, between midreshet ben Gurion and kibbutz sde boker.

The route goes through heritage sites- Nabataean Zin and the Desert Sculpture Garden Park and combines unique landscapes with flowing cycling suitable for the whole family.


A challenging route: the terrace path 

Route link:

Length: 20km      Difficulty level: hard.

Duration: 3-5 hours.

This path runs through a pebble ridge located west of Sde Boker in a wadi made of agricultural terraces from the Nabataean era. Going back through Nahal Haro’a and Nahal Zin will complete the cycling experience with an observation on Zin valley.

*bike rental- Midreshet Ben Gurion- Sde Boker field school- open for all.
*bike rental- KEDMA hotel-exit point- for hotel guests only.

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Classic family route: KEDMA hotel, Zin field and Midreshet Ben Gurion

Route link:

Length: 12 km

level of difficulty: easy. (If you add Midreshet Ben Gurion difficulty level is: moderate)

Duration: aprox. 2.5 hours.

The classic route for families that want to experience off-road cycling.

Exit KEDMA hotel towards the gas station, cycle among the olive groves of Kibbutz Sde Boker up to Minchat Ben Gurion, observation from Zin side, the Desert Sculpture Park. A combination of unique landscapes and easy cycling that’s suitable for the whole family. If you still have energy left, continue cycling towards Midreshet Ben Gurion scenic route until you reach Ben Gurion grave site and back through the Midrasha (there is a commercial center in Cnaania where you can purchase food and drinks) and back through Zin field.

A challenging route: the terrace path

Route link:

Length: 12 km circular route

Level of difficulty: moderate.

Leave the hotel towards highway 40. Cross highway 40 carefully at the intersection and head south on the road parallel to highway 40. Cycle along the same road until you reach a road sign directing you to head west towards the terrace path (cemetery). Continue on a dirt road that starts out level a then becomes a gentle incline. After about 1km the path starts descending towards Habesor stream, at the end of the road you will find a small grove where you can rest. From there, head north towards Nahal Haro’a. At Nahal Haro’a you will turn east and cycle inside the stream path until you reach Nahal Haro’a parking lot. Carefully cross el

How to use the app: ISRAEL HIKING MAPS
1. Press the link at GEOFUN website for the desired route
2. Download the app to your phone through the app store or google play (recommended)

3. Turn on your devices’ GPS
4. Turn on LOCATION by pressing the button that appears on the left side of the screen
5. Go over all of the marked route so it will remain open even if your screen shuts down or when you’re out of cellular reception range
6. Follow the route at real time- your location will be marked by a red or an orange triangle

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