Electric mountain bikes Specialized Levo, the new and relaxing way to feel the desert paths.

The bike has a high-quality auxiliary motor, which allows you to take a leisurely and fun trip, for more skilled riders or less skilled.

The rider can control the power of the engine, and after a brief experiment, any rider can go to the mountains without having to fear the road, the climbs and whether they will be able to return in time to the hotel’s wonderful breakfast.


Bike rental for self-riding:

Bike rental for a trip, on the bicycle trails that start at the hotel, for a 4-hour trip, self-ride.

This tour allows each biker to see the hills surrounding Mitzpeh Ramon and also to reach the amazing observations on the crater.

All this, by self-riding, and after receiving a short explanation from the team.

Cost: 250 NIS for bikes for up to 4 hours


Our specials

Want to get far? Go deeper into the desert?

With electric mountain bikes and a tour guide, you can do anything.

Exit the hotel after adjusting the bike, with a professional guide.

The trip is based on the Israel Biking Trail, up to the Be’erot parking lot in Ramon Crater (38 km) and with the possibility to continue riding to Mitzpeh Ramon, in more wonderful bike trails, and on Route 40 (60 km).

Not to worry, with the help of the electric friend, the climbs were never easier.

Cost: 1800 NIS – Including two electric bicycles and a tour guide.

An additional 500 NIS for a ride back from the Ramon Crater – for those who will not ride the whole track.



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