Segway is an electric scooter adapted to desert conditions and capable of moving at a maximum speed of 20 kmph.

While comfortably riding your Segway, you can relax, look at the beautiful landscape and listen to the story of Mitzpe Ramon and the geological phenomenon of the crater formation. The cycling route passes through the fascinating Desert Sculpture Park) , adjacent to the Beresheet Hotel, on the edge of the cliff of the vast crater.

The Sculpture Park was founded after World War II in the spirit of the art movement of creating outdoors, far from the white-walled museums, in natural, open areas. The Sculpture Park displays works by leading artists from Israel and around the world who came to Mitzpe Ramon for a few months to work outside in the desert on location and create unique sculptures that express the special environment of Mitzpe Ramon’s breathtaking crater. The route is very popular among lovers of freedom, inspiration, art and nature and tours leave from the lobby of the Beresheet Hotel twice a day.


Now you can order your very own trip from the hotel and embark on a Segway tour in the heart of the Ramon Crater or in the Zin Desert.